It looks like a scene from the movie Twister when these storms chasers make an unbelievable decision. They drive right into the path of an approaching tornado and throw the vehicle in park and let the camera roll with the chasers still inside. Watch the awesome video!

One week to the day that a massive EF5 tornado ravaged the city of Moore, OK a crew of film-makers and storm chasers tracking storms in Kansas got a rare glimpse inside the heart of a tornado.

The tornado was filmed as part of the Discovery Channel series Storm Chasers. The tornado that hit Marshall and Jewell Counties in Kansas were not as large the one that ripped through Moore. Meteorologists hope to use the data gathered when tornadoes hit the specially modified Dodge Ram 3500 Flatbed that weighs over 14,000 pounds to create advanced warning systems so residents have time to find shelter.


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