The best thing about summer has historically been hitting the open road with either A: your buddies, or B: your family. Though, it's not usually the journey you remember with your family, more or less it's the destination. I digress, road trips are a Summer tradition. But what about traditions when you look across a bleak landscape to see the coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every public aspect of each individuals life?

We've polled people a few times over the last twelve weeks and the answers always seem to stay the same... The question was "Has Covid-19 ruined your Summer plans?" People seemed to overwhelmingly say yes, though more people had that opinion early on in the quarantine portion of this event than they do now. It's more or less 50/50 now, but still, people are hoping their vacation days can be banked and withdrawn for use later on down the road... but who wants to road trip in Fall? That's a terrible time to hit the open road. The weather is unpredictable cold weather is cold. All the same, it would be nice to see people wearing chaps correctly for the first time in modern yuppie-biker history.

Last year, my sister took her family on a road trip to Vegas. They didn't drive straight through, they took every detour they could to see the sights. The pictures were amazing, the kids didn't think it was as cool as it actually was, and everybody got souvenirs. Win-win. You don't have to miss out on everything this Summer, you can still travel... It's just the perfect time to take a drive across the country in smaller numbers.


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