Growing up in the 90s, summer was all about free-spirited fun and mom doing everything to find something for us to do outside on the one day a week the neighborhood kids were all too busy to play.

Enter the traditional lemonade stand.

My mom was really crafty so she always helped us come up with some way to offer cups of ice-cold refreshments from the neighbors who would stop and share in the experience. Having grown up since then, I now realize those neighbors were getting lemonade more for us than for themselves.

That's a tradition we should pass on, especially since we don't see kids outside very often these days.

At least one group of tiny entrepreneurs is jumping into the lemonade game here in Lawton.

DawnSelvaggi-Public Group Facebook
DawnSelvaggi-Public Group Facebook

These little rock stars are offering up beverages at between Baldwin and 18th Street here in Lawton today. (June 26, 2023) You should stop by on your way home, odds are it'll wash off whatever funk the pre-holiday work week has dropped on you and you'll get your Memorial Day weekend started feeling good.

Also, while you're enjoying your weekend, look around your own neighborhood to see if more kids are following this trend. It's a rare and awesome thing to see in 2023.

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