Now before anyone gets too excited keep in mind at this time it's only rumors. With that being said we've heard it several times over the weekend and from different people that Taft Grocery has been bought and will be reopening sometime soon. If you've been in Lawton awhile or grew up here you know all about Taft Grocery. It was a HUGE HIT when I was a kid for all the candy, then for all the meats when I got older.

Taft Grocery was a mom and pop store located at 1615 N.W. Taft Avenue in Lawton, It was basically a little convenience store in the middle of a neighborhood. When I was younger we'd go there all the time for candy, they had just about everything you could think of and you could even buy it a piece at a time. They also had some of the best meats around. Inside the store near the back they had a butcher shop and mini meat market. We'd always stop in grab some steaks for the weekend and other supplies.

Taft Grocery

I don't remember exactly when it shut down, I just remember pulling up one day and it was closed permanently. Since then and more than a few times, especially when gathered around the grill or BBQ pit, the subject of Taft Grocery comes up and everyone I know wishes it was still open.

Well, we may just get our wish. A buddy of mine said he heard from the former owners that it has been sold and the new owners are talking about reopening with not only groceries but the meat market as well. Now we can only hope the quality is similar to what we remember. That same day I saw a few posts on Facebook from various people talking about the Taft Store opening back up. The rumor is definitely making the rounds.

I hope all of this is true I'd love to have it back, I miss stopping in grabbing a few necessities and hitting the meat counter. If we hear anything official one way or another we'll pass it a long ASAP. *Fingers Crossed*

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