Bowling Ball Car Jump Goes Horribly Wrong
Physics can bite you in the ass if you don't know what you're doing. These guys prove the point masterfully! What started off as a funny stunt ended up costing them. See what happens when you don't properly measure distance, speed and force when launching a bowling ball off a ramp wit…
Lady Tries to Blame Other Driver For An Accident She Caused [VIDEO]
I know this guy was happy he had a video camera mounted on his car to show exactly what happened. A lady pulls out in front of him and causes an accident then she starts blaming him for totaling her car. She s=clearly pulled out in front of him into on coming traffic but states "You were speedi…
Motorcyclist Scares Driver After Running Red Light
This motorcyclist scares the crap out of a driver after he blew through a red light. When you're on a bike you're very aware of what's around you and traffic signals. Most bike accidents aren't the fault of the motorcyclist, it's other drivers and vehicles.

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