This lady torches her ex-boyfriend's Jeep using gasoline and a lighter. She's lucky to still be alive when an explosion and fireball erupt from the vehicle after she lights it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially if they have gas and a lighter on hand. The whole thing was captured live by a cellphone camera and she's now internet famous, for all the wrong reasons. I can't believe someone would do something like this.

If you're wondering if they caught her I'm sure they did. All police would have to do is look for a lady with no eyebrows and who smells like gasoline. I'm not to sure who she is or where this happened, we're hearing Madison, Wisconsin. This is easily in the top 10 most insane crazy-ex videos of all time. She obviously didn't think this through, to be fair a person who is thinking of torching their exes car isn't thinking period.

Obviously she didn't realize that all the fumes from the gas she was pouring into the Jeep would ignite and create a huge fireball and mini-explosion. The fumes are just as flammable as the actual gas. Well, she certainly knows that now. Man I feel bad for her ex-boyfriend and really bad for the Jeep. I mean what did the Jeep ever do to her?

In my honest, humble, non-biased opinion nothing is lower or more despicable than a person who messes with or vandalizes another person's car. Much less torching it! I hope she is caught and ends up not only arrested and prosecuted, but has to pay for all the damages to this guys car and any others that may have been damaged.

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