New Lice Law For Texas Schools Now in Effect
Head lice is a nightmare no parent or child ever wants to experience, yet it's a problem that persists in many schools every year. A new Texas law now determines what public elementary school nurses must do when they discover lice on a child.
Free College Tuition Spoiler From President Obama
One of the biggest obstacles people face when thinking about going to college is the cost. President Obama is getting ready for his State of the Union speech on January 20th with a major spoiler - he wants to make community college free for two years...
Racist School Lunch Menu During Black History Month
What were they thinking? A Northern California private school is under fire for what many are calling a racist school lunch menu during 'Black History Month'. The students at Carondelet High School for girls in Concord, CA. were invited to be a part of a 'Black History Month' cel…

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