A first year teacher makes a hilarious video to introduce himself to students. I would have loved to have a shop teacher like this in high school, really any teacher. This guy is great and whoever ends up in his class will be lucky to have him as a teacher. Throughout the video he states the importance of knowing this or that and giving basic background about himself and his interests. Unfortunately most of what he's saying is interrupted by saws, drills and other tools. Of course that's the joke.

We've seen some pretty creative videos from schools and faculty inviting students back to school and facing the challenges ahead. With the pandemic still going on and the uncertainty of what the new school year brings, these videos are a great way to help relief some stress and doubt while being really entertaining. If you haven't seen the Alabama principle's "U Can't Touch This" MC Hammer re-make click here to check it out.

Summer vacation, such that it is, will be coming to an end later this month. The first day of school here in Lawton has been moved to Monday, August 24th (08-24-20). LPS (Lawton Public Schools) is doing everything they can to make it as safe as possible. I feel bad for all the students. Last year was cut short and most seniors didn't get to have a proper graduation or prom to finish up their high school years. Now the class of 2020/2021 is facing a similar situation.

With the new school year fast approaching parents and students are understandably concerned and uncertain of how things will go and what the school year will look like with the COVID-19 pandemic and all the nessisarry safety measures that will be in place.

In Lawton there will be three different options to choose from for the 2020/2021 school year. Traditional school, virtual learning and they will offer a mixture of both traditional and virtual learning. This option allows for extra-curricular activities and classes at your neighborhood school along with the online courses. For all the details on Lawton Public Schools "Return to Learn" plan visit the official website.

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