Last week the Manatee County School District in Florida released a PSA video with details on how they would be handling reopening the schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. The video has caused quite a bit of controversy and one parent even remarked that it looked "apocalyptic" or like "an M. Night. Shyamalan movie."

The video talks about all the safety measures that will be put in place like social  distancing, face masks, temperature checks and sanitation. The video shows all the students in masks and the teachers wearing masks, lab or doctor's coats and face shields. I can understand why parents in Florida and the rest of the country are upset.

@jugglingthejenkinsI feel like I'm living in an M. Night. Shyamalan movie dude.♬ original sound - jugglingthejenkins

Originally this video was posted on the school district's Facebook page, but I think it's been removed after receiving so much negative feedback, especially from the parents of the Manatee School District. Most people who saw the video had the same thoughts. "If these are the measures the schools are going to use in order to reopen, it's probably not a good idea to return until things improve." They have a point. If you have to go to such extremes  then it can't be a good thing. Plus younger kids will not be able to adhere to all these regulations and restrictions.

Here in Lawton the first day of school is Friday, August 21st (08-21-20). From what we're hearing there will be three different options for students and parents to choose from for the 2020/2021 school year. Traditional school, virtual learning and they will offer a mixture of both traditional and virtual learning. This option allows for extra-curricular activities and classes at your neighborhood school along with the online courses.

For all the details on Lawton Public Schools "Return to Learn" plan visit the official website.

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