You might be under the impression that scammer calls are usually one or two people putting together nefarious plans to bilk a few others out of a little money, but you'd be wrong. In other parts of the world, scammers have full fledged call centers. These are businesses literally built to make money, and it works really efficiently.

You're getting unprecedented hacked access to a call center in India. It's a bunch of dudes sitting around their cubicles trying to run a refund scam real similar to the old Craigslist "I'll send you two grand, take your cut and send me back the rest" type thing. Only they weren't prepared for this modern day hero setting up shop, for months, on their network. He even goes as far as changing their outgoing call message to warn people what they were up to. As every call costs them money, you get to watch that account dwindle well into the red before they eventually realize they've been hacked.

All in all, it's a nice thing to see. A proactive cyber hero punishing those who feast on the technological weak.

If you get these calls, hang up. If you get one of those "Warning" pop-up ads that say your PC will be erased if you don't call a certain number, unplug it or take out the battery. Do the same to your modem before you turn it all back on. Nobody in this world is trying to give you free money... Don't be a sucker.

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