Everything is bigger in Texas, even the Coronavirus numbers.

Just last week, I did a story on Texas becoming the state with the most coronavirus cases in the country. At that time, Texas has 938,503 positive cases. As of this morning, the number released by Johns Hopkins University has us at 1,010,364 coronavirus cases with 19,337 deaths since the pandemic began in early March.

Johns Hopkins continues to stress that this number is most likely higher since some people maybe asymptomatic where they're spreading the disease without even knowing it. Since some people don't feel sick, they don't feel like they need to get tested.

Texas recorded 10,865 cases on Tuesday, setting a new daily record that surpassed by 74 cases an old mark set July 15, state officials said. According to state figures on Tuesday, an estimated 132,146 cases are active, the most since Aug. 17, and 6,170 COVID-19 cases are hospitalized, the most since Aug. 18. There were 94 new deaths Tuesday, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

El Paso and Laredo have seen a massive surge in coronavirus cases in the past few weeks, which has led to a big increase in these numbers. The one good news we got on the coronavirus this week is that the company Pfizer announced they're getting good results on their vaccine that is 90% effective against the coronavirus.

We will see what happens with that as more testing is underway and they're working with the FDA to bring the vaccine to the public. Until then, wear a mask, social distance when you can, and wash your hands regularly.

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