September 1st will ring in several new laws in the state of Texas, allowing Texans to take swords to gunfights.

Well, technically Texas is repealing a ban on some longer forms of knives, like the Texas Bowie, but it's still restricted (like firearms) on where you can carry them.

Also, texting and driving will be illegal on Texas roads starting that same day.

Other laws that are changing are as follows:

Texas will ban 'Sanctuary Cities.'


Amnesty will be granted for sex crime witnesses. So an underage college student won't get into trouble for being at, and partaking in the party the witnessed a crime at.


Firearm carry permits will become considerably cheaper.

David's Law makes bullying anyone under 18 a Class A Misdemeanor.


Texas voter ID laws are easing for those who can't obtain an ID, and 2017 will also see an end to Party Voting options on ballots.


Lottery winners in excess of $1million can remain anonymous.


Good Samaritans will get civil protections, so when you break a vehicle window to rescue a child, you can't be sued to replace said window.


Children below third grade can no longer be suspended from school.


Non-violent offenders may be offered a second chance, sealing some first offense court records.


Military voters will have a longer window to cast their votes prior to, and after an election.


College referees will be subject to background checks every three years.


New grace periods for students that have no lunch money.

It'll be illegal to fly drones over correctional and ICE facilities.


Attacking a police officer will now constitute a hate crime. Also, protections and education amendments for children of public servants who give their life in the line of duty.


And finally, Texas will make it easier for students to obtain a diploma.

You can read more about it here.

Before you ask, yes, the 'Texas Law Hawk' is a real lawyer.

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