I think we've been having this same debate as a couple of states for a very long time.

When it comes to Oklahoma vs Texas, who are the worst drivers?

I think all Okies are familiar with how this usually goes down. You're driving down the road and a random slow driver seems to be taking their sweet time in the fast lane. Nine times out of ten it's someone with Texas plates.


Nobody knows why they drive so slow while visiting the Sooner State, but they do.

Alternatively, after living in Texas for so many years, they feel the exact same way about Oklahoma drivers.


I was pulled over in a speed trap outside of Alvin, Texas a decade or so ago. It was 3 AM and I had grown tired of the constant 45 to 55 to 65 to 45 MPH speed limits on that stretch of Highway 6, I just set my cruise in the middle and went along my way.

The first thing that police officer said to me was "I'm surprised I got you for speeding, I thought all you Oklahoma drivers were slow." We had a little chat about DMV requirements when relocating to Texas and the legalities of wearing a fake priest's collar in a license photo (FYI: That's illegal in Texas) and he let me on my way with a warning.

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While the argument of who are the worst drivers was never likely to be settled, science says it's official. After compiling all the data, numbers, accidents, causes, and fatalities, impartial experts concluded...

Texas drivers are worse than Oklahoma drivers.

Here's the ranking below.

Cities with the Worst Drivers

Nobody is sure why, but fatal accidents are on the rise these last few years. Chalk it up to having too many distractions, or perhaps it's a side-effect of letting one's ego pull into offensive mode, but fatalities are up a whopping 10% since 2020 according to Forbes. Here's the rundown on the top twenty cities with the worst drivers based on fatal accidents.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

25 more hilarious & offensive personalized plates that were DENIED by the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles

It's another batch of hilarious & offensive personalized plates that the Oklahoma DMV denied. Personalized vehicle plates are very popular and we're seeing more and more of them on the road every day. However, there are some rules and restrictions when it comes to what you can and can't put on your tag. If it's at all considered obscene, vulgar, demeaning, sexual in nature, or includes any mention of drugs, alcohol, or illegal activities it will be DENIED. Check out the photo gallery below. WARNING: some of these could be considered offensive, more like VERY OFFENSIVE so if you're easily offended proceed with caution.

Gallery Credit: Don "Critter" Brown

Oklahoma's Best Motorcycle Road Trips

Since motorcycling is practically a year-round thing in Oklahoma, anytime is a good time to start planning your next road trip. Whether you're getting the moto-bros together for the ride, or packing up your significant other for a little two-wheel therapy, here are the best motorcycle road trips inside the Sooner State.

Route maps can be found in the Oklahoma Motorcycle Guide.

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