We've been hearing about it for weeks, get out and vote. Looks like Texans definitely are leading the way.

Yesterday, I did a a story that said Texas was the hardest state to vote in. Things like voter restrictions, how late you can register, were all a part of that story. As I said in that story, I don't think it's too difficult. Everyone should get out and vote. Turns out, people are in Texas.

Around 4 million Texans have already voted. Which is very impressive. In the 2016 election, Just under 9 million Texans voted. Before Election Day, we already have 45% of the 2016 election numbers. Which is awesome and congratulations Texas. We're currently leading the country in early voting. Which is something to celebrate. Nice to see us leading the nation in something positive.

So we maybe the hardest state to vote in, at least according to that survey mentioned above. People are getting out and voting. Around 30 million people have already early voted in the country and it's nice to see so many Texans are a part of that number.

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