That's right! Texas is in the Top 10 pooch-friendly states according to a recent survey that kept track of seven loving behaviors towards our dogs.

Big Hearts Pet Brands recently asked over 3,000 dog owners a set of questions to find out which states love their puppies the most.  Here are the top 10 states:

10. Arizona
9. Ohio
8. Missouri
7. Texas
6. Massachusetts
5. Florida
4. Tennessee
3. Washington
2. New York
1. California

Another survey done by PR Newswire shows that we seem to love our pets more than the people in our lives!

When it comes to Valentine's Day, the survey show pet owners are far more likely to buy a gift for their pet (69 percent) than for their significant other or spouse (61 percent), their kids (42 percent), friends (10 percent) or co-workers (3 percent).

Also, most pet owners would prefer to stay home on Valentine's Day and cuddle with their pet (63 percent) than go on a romantic date with their significant other or spouse (35 percent).

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