We have seen bills filed like this in Texas in the past few years. Is this the one that gets through?

As of right now for medical marijuana in Texas, Texans can only get medical grade CBD oil after a doctor's approval. Only seven states are left in the country that don't allow any legal marijuana whatsoever. Four states in the most recent election approved for legal marijuana for adults. It looks like a bill was filed today in the Texas Senate to legalize marijuana and medical marijuana in the state.

Texas Senator-elect Roland Gutierrez said "There is going to be a budget shortfall to affect all Texans next legislation session, however, I look forward to working with my colleagues to offer a real solution," stated Gutierrez. "This bill will generate new revenue and create at least 30,000 high paying jobs. Our state’s economic future is uncertain and in order to best serve our state, we have to look at cannabis legalization as a solution and not keep going back to the taxpayers and raise their taxes."

Gutierrez believes that the state will bring in 3.2 billion in revenue if this passes. We will see if this one passes, but just getting people CBD oil was a struggle in our state for years. Even though some people with epilepsy were begging the state to legalize it because it helps with their seizures without having to use prescription medicine. We will see if Texas has changed their minds this time when it comes legal marijuana in our state.

You can check out the bill filed today here.

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