Texas is one of America's most unique states. Much like Oklahoma, Texas has been the territory of many nations in its history, most notably when it was its own nation, and if the political push goes forward, Texas could restore itself to being an independent nation once again... or so they think.

While the story of how Texas won independence from Mexico to become the Republic of Texas is a famed example of how Texas became its own independent nation. While it probably could've survived longer than nine years, Texas joined the US to preserve its right to slavery.

In a twist of irony, the ending of slavery is why Texas seceded from the Union for another nine years at the beginning of the American Civil War.

Twice Texas has attempted to leave the United States, and twice Texas has crawled back. What makes them think the third time is the charm?

For years I've heard Texans say something along these lines... "We can survive without the US because we have our own independent electrical grid."

lol... It's true, Texas has its own grid. This is a fact that has gained famous notoriety in American common knowledge over the last two years due to its infamous failures to provide reliable power to the people.

Even more ironic than the failing grid, the people who were in charge of that electrical grid, those at the top of the Electrical Reliability Council of Texas - AKA, ERCOT - didn't even live in or near Texas at the time. Texas wants to be its own country again but doesn't want to manage its own grid? Hollywood couldn't write a fallacy this entertaining.

The saying used to be "Big Hearts, Small Minds." It was a genuinely accurate representation of Texans everywhere. As more and more people from the left-coast have moved in, that saying has evolved to "Bleeding Hearts, Smaller Minds." As this crazy belief that Texas will amount to anything as its own country again grows, this belief grows increasing more true.

While Texas is home to a massive economy driven by thousands of top-tier Fortune 500 companies, good jobs, etc... Odds are the moment a secession vote passes, these companies would likely flee back to the United States. While there's a chance this scenario would benefit Oklahoma, I'll support Texas' right to do dumb stuff.

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