How many times have you seen something and instantly taken a stand with your opinion? It happens every day to almost everyone. Whether it's on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reddit, etc... It seems that everyone in the world wants you to see a story their particular way. You might know it more commonly when referred to as 'media bias.' Like how Fox News wants you to think people who prefer CNN are stupid, and vice versa. There's a bias in almost everything.

Think back to when you were a kid. When you ratted your brother or sister out, did your parents just fly off the handle? Or did they usually look at your sibling and ask 'Is that true?' Then, with both sides of the story, they would come to a conclusion. That's how all things should be.

Instead, we get emotionally driven, inflammatory clips of every story. And if you're the one person standing around saying 'Why did this happen?' you're the odd one out of the group. You're the one labeled hateful for not instantly responding with emotional conformity. And, not to bag on any single group, but it seems fashionable and trendy for young people to react to things like this on the fly. No back story, no logic or reasoning... just pure selfish emotion. Because it's never an empathetic thought, but a self-loathing expectation of comfort.

You might think that things will change after the full story comes out, we've seen all of that before right? It's rare that people care what the full story is after the accusation manages the intended slander. Because we don't want justice, we want instant justice... and at this point, it's killing the remaining empathy we humans have left.

Next time you see something, do a quick search to make sure you're not being pawned in someones game of lies.

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