A three years old boy became an over -night sensation thanks to a short video on YouTube.  Little preschooler Chistian Haupt took the cyber sphere by surprise when his parents uploaded a video of him playing baseball. Haupt’s undeniable talent captured the eye of close to one million people world-wide in less than a week of the video being uploaded.

One of these people, who stumble on the video, was the major Hollywood player…Adam Sandler, who happened to be in the search for a fresh face to start in his new movie project “That’s My Boy.” When Sadler, watched Haupt, who by now has been crowned as a baseball prodigy, the movie producer knew he had found his new protégé.

“That’s My Boy,” a comedy set to be released in June, 2012, revolves around a teenager fathering a child with his school teacher, only after 30 years, the teenager, now a grown man, moves in with his estrange son, right before the son is set to get married, and the shenanigans begin. Leave up to Sandler to stir up the pot.

The video of Haupt’s cameo is adorable, after all Haupt calls himself “Baseball Konrad,” and he might still be a bit confused about all the cameras and people running around him, but one thing is for sure when he sees that ball he never misses it!