If there was ever a video on Youtube that accurately and hilariously depicted the Sooner State and Oklahomans, this is it. WARNING: This may upset or offend some people. Oh well, the truth hurts.


If we're honest I think most of us will laugh at this and even admit we're guilty of some of these, if not all. If you were born and raised here there's no denying this. Like it or not this video is like holding a mirror up.

You're missing out if you've never seen any of Ben Brainard's videos. His YouTube channel is filled with hilarious shorts including the "Welcome to the Table" series. Luckily for us, Ben finally got around to OK.

Hit play on the video below for a hilarious and accurate depiction of Oklahoma

It was worth the wait that's for sure. Especially the part about going outside to sit on the porch and watch the tornadoes., or any major storm. That's like an Okie right of passage or state law. At least for most of us.


Of course, you can't do a video about the Sooner State and not mention Braum's. After all, it really is the world's best ice cream. Don't believe me? Just ask anyone in Oklahoma and they'll let you know real quick.

The churches and dispensary comments were spot on too. I don't know if they're really on every corner, but it's close. You can't throw a rock in any Oklahoma town without hitting one or the other, they're everywhere!

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