Last year, we set a goal of gathering 200 bikes for some of the less fortunate kids of Lawton-Fort Sill... You managed to donate 301 bicycles to be gifted to some really excited kids!

It was such a huge, rewarding success last year that we're whipping it out again this year!

For a complete 24 hours, (starting from 5pm Thursday) Critter and I will are posted up live and loud at Jim Glover Chevrolet ready to accept your gifts!

WalMart has been totally awesome getting behind this tradition - they've got specially priced bikes ready for you to pick up! The smaller kids bikes are $30, and the larger 16-20" rides are just $40!

Whether you can drop off one or a whole truck bed full, every single bicycle is more than welcome!

Stop in, hang out, and rock a little charity this holiday! We'll be broadcasting live at Jim Glover Chevrolet until 5pm tomorrow! (Friday the 12th)

Let's make it happen again!