Throughout the years, in true "legislation just to legislate" tradition, our Sooner state is left with some really dumb laws.

While most people simply think politicians are somewhat ridiculous when it comes to the bills they propose, I honestly think there's just some good old fashioned "feel good legislation" in these stupid laws.

Prepare yourself... These are our real laws.

  • 5: One May Not Promote A Horse Tripping Event

    Leading off at number 5 on the list is something that was buried in other legislation, but it's exactly what it sounds like.

    "Horse Tripping" is a literal translation in this law. Taking some wire or rope and using it to trip a horse.You cannot sell, purchase, possess, or offer a horse for the purpose of tripping it.

    Apparently this was all the rage back in the day. You can find the verbiage in an old Oklahoma law banning 'bear wrestling.'

  • 4: Women Can't 'Do' Their Own Hair

    In what can only be chocked up to 'the worlds greatest lobbyists earning their pay,' it is true that women in this great state may not cut and style their own hair without a license from the state to do so.

    I can only hope that a picture pops up one day of the hair in question that eventually lead to this legislation.

  • 3: Keep Your Hands Off My Burger

    It is illegal in the 46th state to take a bite of another persons hamburger.

    No explanation in the legislative body of words to lend an idea as to how this came about, but apparently someone on capital hill took their lunch very seriously.

    I do have a theory that some past governor was so far 'friend zoned' that he made it illegal for his lady-pal to order nothing, then proceed to eat half his meal.

  • 2: You Must Pay Taxes On Your Furniture

    Somewhere deep in Oklahoma's ridiculous tax code is a little known law that basically taxes your furniture and all personal belongings.

    Taxing the things we've paid taxes on... Shocker, I know.

    Think of it like this. If you buy a table and chairs on Bookoo or Craigslist and forget to pay your sales tax to the state, you're a criminal guilty of tax evasion.

    Before you go writing that angry letter to your local 'do-nothing' legislator, remember... most states are doing the exact same thing.

    Just wait until our ridiculous "Internet Tax" hits a national level... You know, it basically says "unless you can prove concretely that you haven't bought one thing online, you owe $xx.xx... That is something you should write our politicians about.

  • Honorable Mention: Oklahoma's Zombie Law

    Not on the list, because it's not officially 'law' until November of this year, is Oklahoma's so called "Zombie Law."

    Basically, to curb the rising threat of identity theft, the only person that may request a copy of a death certificate is, in fact, the departed themselves... Which is a little ridiculous, because with the amount of firepower in the average OK household, double-tap is the golden rule in Zombieland.

  • 1: No Sharing Shoes with the Livestock

    What has to be the worst, and possibly histerically best law in the state of Oklahoma, is as follows:

    It is illegal to have the hind legs of an animal tucked into your boots.

    Trying to avoid saying exactly what you're thinking, the law is very vague as to whether it's only illegal when you're also wearing said boots at the same time.

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