Hey all you cats and kittens. Now that you've had a chance to watch the unbelievable story that is Tiger King on Netflix, some of the cast would like to tell their side of the story. A very familiar Hollywood story...

It goes like this... They agree to let cameras in, drop their guard over a long period of time, and when the footage hits the small screen, they're unhappy with how they've portrayed themselves.

It's not uncommon for people so deep in their own little world to see and learn something new about themselves when they see it from the third person view. That's not to say that the filmmakers and Netflix had everyones best interest in mind... they tell stories, and to make that story fascinating, they embellish... a lot.

Just like we've talked over the years about how the media creates a narrative to fleece the public, documentary makers do the same thing. They tell the story that they want heard, and they'll do and say anything to get those points across.

For example, Doc Antle seemed like the normal dude in the big cat community until episode two or three when they went off the deep end making him out to be a human trafficker. Is he a human trafficker? We don't know. We only know what we've been told. The narrative set for Antle sure isn't a flattering one.

Carole Baskin was the big cat advocate until filmmakers edited the whole "She murdered her husband" together. But did she actually murder her husband? We don't know. We only know what we've been told. The narrative set for Carole tries to lead us down that path.

Did Joe Exotic try to hire a hitman to take out Carole Baskin? We don't know... We only know what we've been told. The narrative set seems to make it look like the Vegas dude totally framed Joe, and we'll likely never know.

Only two things can be deduced from this documentary on Netflix... Big cat people are ridiculously weird living as royalty in their own tiny little worlds, and just about everyone in this documentary is guilty of one crime or another either against nature or humanity.

If you haven't already seen it, it's pretty astonishing. You should cook yourself a trash-meat pizza and binge it.

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