It's officially the Halloween season and yes it's a season, at least to me it is. One of my favorite things about this time of year and Halloween is all the scare pranks. I've been spending some quality time on YouTube watching videos of some of the best and funniest scare pranks to have ever been recorded. Not only are they incredibly entertaining to watch, it's also good research to get some great ideals for future pranks.

I've already fallen victim to a few scare pranks myself this year and we still have some time to go before Halloween. It just goes perfectly with everything else we're doing this month. It really complements all the horror and monster movies, decorations and other fun and spooky things that are going on. I love scare pranks, I love pulling them and I even enjoy being the victim of them. I'm equal opportunity when it comes to scare pranks. Plus it you can't take it you shouldn't be dishing it out, good sportsmanship is the key when it comes to pulling scare pranks with friends and family. It's usually best to leave others alone.

There's an unspoken agreement with all my friends and family that the entire month of October is free game when it comes to scare pranks. My daughter got me twice last night. She hid in the hallway and got me when I went up stairs and she even climbed under my bed to grab my legs when I took my shoes off later that evening. She's a real scare prank child prodigy with impeccable timing and tactics. Of course she knows all too well that payback is coming. it's not a matter of if, but when...

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