While YouTube's suggestions are notoriously bad, there are some gems once in a while. Well, very rarely will YouTube suggest something you're actually into, so when it does actually work like it's designed, you have to celebrate it.

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    Weezer & Weird Al

    So Weezer was the band smart enough to cover Africa last year, and not wanting to waste the opportunity, they convinced Weird Al Yankovic to get in on the fun. It really didn't become awesome until they did it live. All of them.

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    See You Again Tire

    If you saw Fast & Furious 7, you'll understand that while Paul Walker passing away unexpectedly was a tragedy to family, friends, action movies, and wildlife worldwide, that movie owes its entire success to his death. It was two hour of crap followed by two minutes of wholesomeness. Luckily, this moment recreates itself randomly in the wild.

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    Godzilla vs Mito Komon

    What we have here is an 11 minute movie short where one man has remade Godzilla. He plays himself, everyone else, and Godzilla in his own one-man-movie. It's epic.

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