Over the last fifteen years, there have been several vividly memorable crossover mashups to pop out on YouTube. There might have been even more in the days before YouTube, way back when social video media happened at NewGrounds, but that's not the point. If I were to ask you to name an epic mashup you've seen, which one would you name? Which one stands out so fresh in your memory?

Donna Summers and Danzig?
Mariah Carey and Marilyn Manson?
Perhaps one of the hundreds of Metallica + (random artist) mashups?

Mashups aren't for everyone, but I sure do enjoy them sometimes. It really depends on which song is given the priority. A metal version of a Bjork song is OK... but I'd rather hear Slayer isolated into an ABBA track. It's hilarious.

Above, there's a Blink 182 and Tom Jones mashup. It's also pretty dang hilarious. The 90's kid in me can totally see Carlton doing the dance with a hint of anti-establishment punk on it. Not to say Blink 182 is punk, they're not... but for the time period, that was about as close as it got.

I know liking these on a real level is a somewhat unpopular opinion, but I've never been the type to care what other people think. I've got hundreds of these on a jump drive that lives in my vehicle for when nothing good is on the radio. It comes in a lot more handy than you'd think. Plus, it's not that random radio stations aren't playing the goods... it's just that you need a fresh boot on the classics sometimes.

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