Life after losing Cliff Burton sucked. Even more so if you were one of the three still left in the band. The great thrash lyricist and epic bass player was gone. Now you already know the rest of the story. Metallica replaced Cliff with Jason Newsted and spent the next fourteen years torturing the guy in the studio and on the stage. His first album as the second replacement member of the band barely even contained his talent.

And Justice For All was pretty much bass-less. Mostly in part to the band coming to terms with a lost brother in that chair, but also because they were huge world class alcoholic newb hazing a-holes. A move that they still won't admit to making out of spite. So what can be done about it? It's a new day of tech, the fans can fix this wronging and share it with the world.

This is how 'And Justice For All' was supposed to sound.

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