So you want a true DIY way to save those epic memories? Try your hand at this super easy European mount technique.

Now, let me say this first. This is a nasty process. It smells, chemicals can be harsh, and you'll most likely mess up your first attempt at this. Still, you should try it.

Boiling a skull is never a step for those with a weak stomach. It's not pretty, it can be more pungent that gutting, and it's taxing on your bodily systems. That being said, there is a way around it. Enter, skin beetles...

If you have the patience to wait a few extra days, the best way to clean any bone/skull is by letting nature do its business in the form of skin beetles. They will crawl around in every nook and cranny, finding tasty little decrepit morsels, leaving clean bone behind. In fact, this is a preferred method these days as the argument is in the boiling. Some say, when you boil a skull, the natural fat renders and soaks into your skull. That leaves it with a yellow-ish tinge, and a lingering smell... but that's also why we use the peroxide.

There are several places online that service various beetle kits, and prices vary greatly, so shop around for a good price.

If you're going to try the DIY hydro-dipping with spray paint, a Euro-mount would be the first step to take. If it's too dirty a job for you, there are options. There are several local taxidermists that can do this for you, and there is also a company in OKC fully dedicated to clean, white skulls. Good luck, now go make something.

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