The art and practice of yoga has been around for centuries. For over 5,000 years yoga has brought health and happiness to countless people. Recently yoga has seen a huge jump in popularity and for good reason. The benefits of yoga are many, from general health and fitness to stress relief and relaxation.

It's been well documented that the regular practice of yoga can help and heal several aliments including: diabetes, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis and more. Yoga is for everyone! It can be performed by all persons regardless of their individual fitness level and is a complete mind and body exercise.

Recently we visited with Michelle Anders and Kim Isaac of Yoga Kula to talk about their studio and all things yoga. The studio is located at 720 N.W. Fort Sill Blvd and has been open since September 2013.

Over the past 3 years Yoga Kula has built a solid reputation as Lawton's premiere yoga studio. They've not only built a great yoga studio, but a very successful local business. We had questions so we brought in the experts.


What made you decide to go into business for yourself and open a yoga studio?
Yoga Kula: 
Our teacher decided to retire and we didn't want to lose our beautiful studio or our yoga family, so we decided to keep the studio going. At the time we were already scheduled for teacher training, so it seemed a natural progression. We are in the same studio space but under a different name.

Tell us about Yoga Kula and what it offers it's members/customers?
Yoga Kula: 

Yoga Kula offers Hatha Yoga classes based on the Iyengar tradition. Kula means tribe, family, or community and we strive to create an atmosphere that feels like family.

Our teachers take yoga very seriously and the safety of our students is of utmost importance. We work hard to safely cue our students into and out of poses. But we also believe that yoga should be fun and accessible to everyone. We offer classes ranging from Gentle/Restorative up to Power Hatha.

How does someone get started with yoga?
Yoga Kula: 
Our open classes are beginner-friendly and taught to all skill levels. Our students encompass both genders, all ages, all body types and all skill levels. Yoga Kula also offers a beginner's class called Yoga 101. It's a six week session that meets twice a week and focuses on proper breathing and alignment of poses. It's a great way to begin your yoga journey in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


What makes Yoga Kula different from other yoga studios?
Yoga Kula: We have a beautiful studio and wonderful teachers who make yoga accessible and fun. But the biggest thing that makes us different is our students. They are an amazing group of people who are dedicated to their practices and truly enjoy not only yoga, but practicing with one another.

Is there anything new or changes you plan on making in the near future as far as different classes or products?
Yoga Kula:
We are currently working on a Mommy & Me workshop. If it goes well we hope to turn it into a regular class.

Are you planning on expanding or opening up other studios?
Yoga Kula: Not at this current time. Right now we are focused on building the best studio we can. However, if an expansion opportunity comes along in the future we will definitely consider it.

How did you finance the business to get it up and running?
Yoga Kula:
We were fortunate enough to walk into a great situation since the studio space already existed. There was very little overhead initially, so we self-financed for the first two months until we were able to pay the bills from business profits.

What advice would you offer others who may be considering starting a small business?
Yoga Kula:

Have patience, growth takes time. Start small and build on your business as opportunities and capitol become available. Have a plan and stick to it.

Since Yoga Kula is a partnership I would say make sure, especially if the person you're considering going into business with is your friend, that you can enter into a business relationship without issues. Communication is key. It's important to know who's doing what, and who's responsible for what. It's possible to enter into business with family and friends so long as everyone's open and honest.

Yoga Kula
Website | Facebook
Phone: Michelle Anders at (580) 574-8717 or Kim Isaac at (580) 512-5779
Address: 720 N.W. Fort Sill Blvd. Lawton, OK 73507

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