Ever since transitional lenses for glasses came out in the 60's, they've been marketed as 'The Thing' to have. If you've ever had to swap glasses before you go outside, forgotten to take your regulars as the sun goes down, or lost a pair somewhere down the line, it makes total sense having one pair of specs that can do both. Enter the contact lens.

The idea has been tossed around for years. Why not have contact lenses that are thier own shades? If you're talking ease of use, the idea makes sense. Pop 'em in that morning, walk out the door and never worry about forgetting your sun shades again. Well the FDA has just ruled on and approved these contact lenses for general public usage.

I'm sure people won't be walking around looking like extras from 30 Days of Night, but time will tell if these are in any way, shape, or form easier than just putting a pair of shades on your face. Besides, until they come up with a way to turn lenses brown to block that harsh blue light, you'll just have to stick with your cheap, effective BP old faithfuls.


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