How many times have you heard someone say "There's nothing to do in this state!" I've heard it so often, that I just quit responding to it. I used to swoop in and give solutions to a persons boredom, but they typically don't want to be amused, they just want to complain and go about living their miserably boring life. That's the world we live in. So instead, if you're searching for 'things to do in Oklahoma,' here is something that can entertain you all year round.

Get outdoors.

It's literally that simple.

Oklahoma is the top state for outdoorsy people, as it offers the most diverse terrain than any other state, and that's not even counting the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge you've already convinced yourself that you've "explored."

You can literally hike around the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in one corner of the state, and explore cyprus swampy lowlands in another. Experience the incredibly flat caprock out West and amazingly deep caves up North. Hardwood forests, lush mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes and rivers, extremely fun sandy deserts, salt flats, hilly offroad parks, the list goes on and on... But there's a catch. You can't be the lazily-boring person you are and enjoy Oklahoma. You have to actually get up, hop in the car, and go out and collect these experiences.

Everything on the list is, at a max, within about four hours of Lawton if you choose your route wisely. If you're like me, you like to meander a little bit. Stop in and explore the super-small towns along the way. Eat at a questionable looking locally owned diner. Honestly, if you've never had a bacon cheeseburger at the Hollis, OK livestock auction sale barn, you're just not living.

Don't tell me, I already know what you're thinking... Something like "I don't have enough money to travel every weekend..." and I understand. Neither do I. But if you have a friend or two willing to experience life with you, you can hit a new locale once a month. That leaves you plenty of time to plan it out. Figure out what sights you want to see along the way, places you want to eat, legends you want to explore... Don't hit the turnpikes. That's just your being boring. Take the two-lanes everywhere you go. Because it's never about the destination. It's all about the journey.

If you do want to be lazy and just find stuff to do around here, there is also an option for you. Learn to fish and hunt. Fishing is easy, cheap, fun, and addictive. Hunting is a little more of a challenge, but the reward is also a bigger psychological payoff. And I'm not talking about slaughtering animals. I usually end up shooting animals with a camera more often than with the other lethal means. To watch a deer or elk go about their life in front of you is something of wonder. It's also super easy to enjoy something like that. You don't need thousand dollar camo or a hunters condo type blind. Just go sit in the scrub on the edge of a field. Nature will come to you.

This is the real point I'm getting to... There are no boring places, only boring people. If you're bored now, you'll be bored when you move on to bigger places. It's easy to sit there and say "Life is gonna be so much better in ______." but you don't realize how big of a self-told lie that it. Get out there and enrich your life. Meet new people and adopt a new hobby. Even if you're telling yourself another lie right now, like "I don't have time with the kids..." involve them too.Make a plan to start small, baby steps and such, at the Oklahoma Outdoor Expo coming up at the end of the month. It's free, your kids will love it, and you might find something you really enjoy too. It just takes a willingness to lean forward and take that first step.

Nobody else can make you happy or give your purpose. That's totally on you. Go live a little life for once.

OK Wildlife Dept
OK Wildlife Dept

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