There's an old mission located in the ghost town of Sacred Heart, OK. that is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of children and other ghosts. The mission was the site of a tragic fire that took place in 1901 that burned down most of the mission, schoolhouses, church, and other buildings that once stood on the property. The fire is said to have killed several children and adults who died trying to escape the flames.

The now ghost town of Sacred Heart is located in Pottawatomie County with the next closest town being Asher, OK. Sacred Heart got its start back in 1877 when Father Isidore Robot was given permission by the Pottawatomie tribe to use a portion of the reserve as a Catholic mission. He settled the area and opened the mission that included the church, Saint Mary's Academy for girls, a boys boarding house, farm, and bakery.

Hit play on the video above from YouTube channel Native Boy Productions that details the story and haunting of the Sacred Heart Mission. Depending on who you believe and what sources you hear the story from will determine whether you think the place is haunted or not. Some sources say children died in the fire of 1901, others say no one died during the fire. A lot of people think the fire took lives and that those spirits are trapped at the mission and surrounding property. Either way, the Sacred Heart Mission is really creepy.

Most of the old mission is gone, the only original remaining building left standing is the bakery. The rest is rubble and foundations that have been left behind. There are cemeteries located all around the property and just outside of the old mission location is the new Sacred Heart Catholic Church that was built in 1914. Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have reported all kinds of activity on the mission grounds.

There have been reports of ghost children that have been seen on the property. Supposedly it's the victims of the 1901 fire. Not only ghosts, but people have also said they've heard cries, screams, and even laughter all of which sounded like children. It's a pretty active location for hauntings and supernatural sightings.

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