You spend enough time on the internet, you're bound to find a ton of cross-over and mashed up movie trailers. Two or three different films packed into one new crazy re-take on a classic, it's just one of the primary reasons to have the internet, but this time, someone took two crappy films and combined them into one amazing looking movie trailer.

No before you fire up your Karen account to tell me I'm wrong about either of these movies being crap, remember that movies are art, and art is subjective... If you think they're great, you're right. If you think they suck, you're also right. That just how art works. I saw Fury Road in theaters and walked out trying to put together what I had just seen. A total waste of time chasing people to a land that no longer existed only to turn back and take what they should have in the first place? Tom Hardy was great, naturally, the plot was solid, but the whole storyline was stupid. It's like they told the unpaid high school intern "Here's the idea, write us a script!" and he totally screwed the pooch, but they made it anyway as to not discourage him. It's literally a participation trophy movie.

On the other hand, The Hobbit was a better movie. Technically a trilogy, but one story. Still, I didn't enjoy it. I get that it was mostly in line with the classic book, but it's like makers realized how much money they could profit if they made another Lord of the Rings... Only LOTR was awesome. Unbelievably too, the CGI in those original three films was rarely used, and only in a few select scenes. Most of those three original movies were made mostly with practical effects. The Hobbit was 99% green screen. You really want to watch a movie that could have been filmed in your garage? Go back and watch it again now and tell me it looks as legit "real" as it did the first time around. CGI just doesn't age well, and that's the reason TRON is the only CGI film worth watching a second, third, and fourth time.

All the same, somebody online took those two movies and mashed them up into something that looked far more interesting, and I'm glad we got to share in that.

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