Fun fact, Critter likes to make things awkward with sounds and noises from time to time. It's just his thing. For instance, when we finish working on a project or get ready to grill some epic meals, the washing of hands is mandatory. Now if you waste as much time as we do when it comes to the mundane activities in your life, there are some odd noises you can come up with while doing something as simple as washing the dirt and germs off your hand. There's just something about soap that encapsulates and simultaneously amplifies the little noises a pair of hands can make. If you move your hands just right, with the correct amount of bubbles and suds, the sound sanitizing your hands makes is downright nasty enough to make a person lose their appetite... but weird sounds aren't limited to just washing hands.

I can remember getting into trouble at the local Furr's Cafeteria in my hometown growing up. We'd go there on Sundays for lunch, dressed up fancy, ready to grab a tray and walk the line asking for a little of everything. Their tiny chicken fried steaks are still something I salivate about when the thought enters my mind, but the real star of the meal was the gourmet jello and whipped cream. It came in that fancy ruffled clear plastic cup that just begged to be eaten with a straw. It took talent, but if you sucked on that jello with just enough force, the velocity that jello and whipped cream combo could attain sounded just like, well, it sounded like getting that first squirt out of a half empty ketchup bottle. It was glorious.

So what does jello sound like going through a shredder? We probably won't ever know. Consider this payback for all the jump-scare vids you can't help but share on social media... It was fun wasting your time. Get wrecked.

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