It's always amazing how little gems like this come about. While calling the early, scoreless innings of an LA Dodgers baseball game, after noticing the beard trends among the players, commentator extraordinaire Vin Scully hops out on a slightly historical tale of the beard.

It's by no miens a comprehensive telling of origin, but Vin manages to hit the highlights. If you were actually curious, and there is reason to be, it's quite interesting. Click here to read the history of the beard. Wikipedia here.

What might be the most interesting twist is Alexander the Great, and his animosity towards facial hair. He was one man that changed how most of the world viewed the beard, simply out of his own vain narcissism. It seems that facial hair, like most trends, cyclical in nature. How many years did we roll clean shaven. The 60's was all about sideburns. Then the mustache made a huge comeback. We're now trying to reign in the super-beards of the Duck Dynasty era. If the history of facial fads is relevant, we'll be back to cleanly shaven faces in a few years until someone has the gumption to grow something.

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