Behold the mighty honey badger in all it's exposed yet wonderful glory! This fascinating creature has been named the most fearless & ferocious animal in the world & for good reason, the honey badger doesn't give a s#!t. This animal will attack & eat just about anything because it's a total badass, a real killing machine. Even the great white shark pales in comparison to this somewhat less known but far superior carnivore. Actually the honey badger isn't a true carnivore, it couldn't be considered a herbivore either. It's an omnivore that eats anything & everything it can because the honey badger doesn't give a s#!t It's my opinion that the honey badger will soon replace the common house cat as the most beloved & viewed animal on the internet. Hell you can't visit a site that doesn't have a few cat videos or photos. Sure they're funny & cute but few if any could compare to the mighty honey badger. Go ahead, watch the video & witness the total epic awesomeness of the honey badger in action...It doesn't give a s#!t


The following video contains graphic images, strong language & shocking scenes of animal violence VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED! What's that  Mean? If you're hyper sensitive and or easily offended PLEASE DON'T WATCH because I really don't want to hear you piss & whine about it like a little b!t@h because just like the honey badger I don't give a s#!t