Do you remember how awesome Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was? It was epic. Sure, the mechanics were still somewhat limited, but the gameplay was insanely awesome. Skip forward to the game you're probably more familiar with, COD: Modern Warfar II, and the comparison is pretty staggering. It might finally be time to spread out that O.G. ragu beef!

Like most young adult males, I spent my fair share of time playing video games online with my bros. For the youngsters now, Fortnight has fallen and people are back to playing Minecraft. Where's the fun in that? To be fair, Call of Duty really ran out of ideas to hash out... Meshing Halo and COD into the same-ish title, it was an instant failure. The reintroduced COD:WWII looked promising, but it also fell very short. So instead of making the next Call of Duty: Space Force iteration, they've decided to push out something more along the lines of the titles that made Call of Duty the mandatory online gaming experience again. It looks a lot like those glorious titles.

While it's still way too early to decide if the game is going to be on that epic plain, you can still spend a few hours watching the early gameplay. Whether or not COD is trying to honey-d**k us or not is unknown, but what they have so far gives us aging gamers hope.

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