Well they didn't make the opening goal of 2020 obviously, but the new Lawton Farmer's Market is under construction and will hopefully be open Summer 2021 if not sometime this year. The new Farmer's Market will be located near the corner of Gore Blvd. and 4th street across from the police department, near library plaza in downtown. They broke ground on the new site back in November of 2020 and have been busy ever since getting the land ready to build on. I passed by today and they're now pouring concrete and working on the foundation. Once they start framing it'll go pretty quick, looking forward to seeing it opened up.

TSM Lawton: Critter
TSM Lawton: Critter

The new location will be around 7,600 square feet and will feature both a covered outdoor patio and sales area, plus indoor space and facilities. The funds needed to build are being provided by donations and grants and will cost close to 3 million to complete. It'll take them awhile to get it all finished but once it's done the new Lawton Farmers Market will be incredible. Plus, it'll be nice that it will be in a permanent location. Right now, it moves from the Great Plains Coliseum outside parking lot in the Summer time to inside Cameron University's Plant Sciences building in the winter.

With having a permanent home and building this will allow the farmers market to open and operate year-round. It's a great location and soon you'll be able to stop in and get all your favorite fresh vegetables and fruits right here in downtown Lawton. Originally, they were going to start construction last year, but were delayed due to the pandemic.

Already looking forward to shopping at the new farmers market and having it in downtown Lawton in the Ware District. Just think someday once all this COVID-19 stuff is done we can get back to all the downtown activities, events and festivals we use to have like Ware on C, Open Streets and more. With the Farmer's Market being right there in downtown on 4th Street I'm sure they'll be involved in all the fun as well!

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