Great news, the brand new Sonic on Sheridan Road in Lawton is NOW OPEN! Awhile back we lost two Sonic Drive Ins here in town, the one on Lee Blvd near 2nd street and the one closest to Fort Sill on Sheridan road. We were all wondering what was going on and worried that Sonic Drive Ins were closing in town. Then we saw them breaking ground and building the new location at 1609 N.W. Sheridan Road.

It's great having another Sonic in town and right there near the intersection of Cache and Sheridan. I've already stopped in a had lunch last week, it was awesome! Now we're back to having four Sonic Drive ins in town. This way I'm only a short drive no matter where I'm at to getting my cherry lime-aid, burger and fries.

The Sonic on Sheridan has the drive in and a drive thru as well. So you can eat there or take it to go. If you haven't tried it yet you have to get a Queso Burger, they're amazing! I hope this isn't going to be a limited time menu item, it should stay on the menu PERMANENTLY! It's a great burger and pairs perfectly with a cherry lime-aid. I went with the tatter tots on this order and wasn't disappointed, it was a great combo!

It's great to see things opening up in Lawton, especially with everything we've gone through over the past several months. We've lost several businesses here in town due to the pandemic and shutdowns. So it's great to see something opening up. We could all use more options when it comes to shopping and restaurants, plus the jobs the new Sonic has brought is just as important.

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