Admit it. Even though you may have had one, you never thought scooter-culture was going to be anything real. The scooter has been a top selling toy for the last fifteen or so years, and it was believed, like most things, a hobby that a person would eventually outgrow. But given the success of extreme pogo, scooters are about to hit a new market.

After years and years of small scooter improvements... ie - stronger materials, li-ion motors, bigger decks, etc... someone came up with an interesting evolution. An off-road, gas powered, tracked scooter you can take nearly anywhere. Enter the DTV Motor Corp Shredder. It's like everything the off-road Segway should have been.

If you're interested, know this, it's the definition of a big-boy-toy with a hefty pricetag. $4500-ish will get you into an entry-level model, and the bigger your pockets, the cooler the ride. And while they're a Canadian company, those are American dollars... you know, because the dollar is ruler of them all. Check it all out over on the official site.


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