I think I saw someone asking about the Oklahoma Aquarium up in Jenks on social media, I can't find it at the moment, so I'll just tell you about it. It's amazing. Expensive... but yeah, totally amazing. It's an incredible immersive experience in several different environments of the facility, and you'll want to explore it all.

Like any aquarium in any state, there's quite a large group of exhibits focused on the native animals that call our local waterways home. The Oklahoma Aquarium is no different, but it's not the same as a Bass Pro or Cabela's exhibit. When you enter the aquarium, at least this was the case when I went, you're handed a little speaker box that will explain to you what you're looking at as you move through the building. There are a ton of fish to look at, plus a bunch of Oklahoma furry animals that call this land home. It's wildly awesome to see a couple of beavers work to dam up the flowing waters in their exhibit... but it's not just limited to Oklahoma fish.

As you get to the rear portion of the tour, it all switches over to saltwater species from around the world. Vibrantly colored fish and coral, sponges, anemonies, etc... When you enter the tunnel in the back, you get to walk through a giant fish tank full of sharks. It's really a neat thing to get eye to eye with these creatures, and if it's feeding time, it's everything you would hope to see.

While I mentioned that tickets are kind of high, right at $20 for adults, less for kids... This Mother's Day Sunday, all moms get in for free as they're doing what they can to celebrate the holiday. You'll need to take a kid though, each free ticket is only available with a childs ticket purchase. You can reserve, book, buy, and catch up on the Covid restrictions on the official site.

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