If your perfect day at work could be hiking around some of Oklahoma's nicest Wildlife Management Areas taking notes on what you're experiencing, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation might just have THE job for you.

The ODWC has been hiring all year up to this point, though most of the open positions have been in and around the state's different fish hatcheries, but here's one gig that will pay you to get out into the wild.

beaver in water leaning on a branch

The job ODWC is currently seeking applicants for is Wildlife Technician.

While that may have you thinking it's more of a "deal with problem animals" type of thing...


...it's actually a lot cooler than that.

Wildlife technicians generally spend their time looking after wildlife. Tracking animals, spotting patterns, estimating health in populations and such but it goes far beyond just animals.

You'd be the boots on the ground putting in the work to research how the habitat is doing, if any ill effects are pushing nature askew, etc...

You'd be the only person watching your very own nature documentary in real-time and getting paid to do it.

The best part is, this is a job around some of the most pretty areas of Oklahoma. The public areas around Keystone Lake, Skiatook Lake, Candy Creek, and Hayburn WMA.

If it sounds like a good career move for you, here's where you can apply.

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