Who knew the way every video on YouTube tells you to slice a mango was wrong? I mean, it's a mango right? How is there even a right and wrong way to do it? Granted, cutting yourself in horrific fashion is definitely not on your bucket list of things to do. Still, while it makes sense that his method would be safer, it's still the long way around the barn.

Personally, I do almost the same thing, except I don't waste time skinning out little circles before slicing off the two sides. I just lop those off, skin it, chop it, and throw it in the trash because mango isn't my favorite flavor in the world... but you do you. If you do want to toss mango into your salsa for the big game on Sunday, it's there to cut the heat, so you'll want some hotter peppers. Maybe serranos instead of jalapenos this time.

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