The most solid advice you'll ever get in this lifetime is this... Never buy Gen1 products. Whether it's gaming consoles, nextgen tv's, guns, gear, cars, ect... Never trust the first attempt at a new product. The reason is this... It takes about a year or so of real world use to find and work out all the kinks. We've seen it happen time and time again. PS3's launch was struck by complete failure when you tried to watch a Blu-Ray movie, Xbox360 had faulty motherboard hardware (RedRingOfDeath), and once again Sony moves out there in the lead again with a PS4 failure epic enough to push POTUS' HealthCare.Gov out of the lead.

If you've purchased a PS4 for someone, or yourself, take it back... and don't plan on buying the XboxOne until they work out the kinks either. (No current XboxOne rumors, but come on, failure is in their nature)