The antenna might not give you all the entertainment, but you get to see gems like this again. This is 3rd Rock From The Sun. A plucky & hilarious comedy from the 90's that follows a crew of aliens on an exploratory expedition to Earth. It was the definition of "not another sitcom" as evidence of this 'very special' episode playing on the traditional drama of a child getting popped with the marijuanas. It all plays out backwards of what moral 90's television was all about. This kind of programming is all over antenna broadcast TV. Forgotten shows like Grace Under Fire, Home Improvement, and According to Jim. Shows you haven't seen in twenty-something years served up on a platter for you to consume without paying a dime.

If you didn't know, broadcast tv provides quite a few really good channels here in SWOK. Some of the Wichita Falls stations have been having broadcast issues recently, hopefully that will clear up as channels realign to different frequencies in the coming change. This is how I get local programming during weather events. Sure, I could download the local stations apps, but if you look at their permissions you have to give them, I'm not very willing to let them data mine on my own hardware about me.... Antenna for the win. With a little generator at the house, it even works when the power is out.

If you've been looking for an affordable way to cut back the cost of entertainment, I'll tell you, antennas are cheap. $40 can have you watching broadcast tonight, you just need to run cable to each TV. I didn't want to do that, nor did I want to pay someone to do that. Cables are the past, wifi is the future. I bought an antenna streaming box online, plugged it into a dedicated offline router, and now TV broadcasts across the entire property hassle free and I still have a DVR. It's a good time to be alive. You might look into it.

Afterthought... You might already be thinking "I'll miss my shows..." and let me tell you, I thought the same thing for a very long time. Years I've been fighting the urge to start cutting cables, but the moment it all became free, I don't miss any of it. All the same, it's the internet. If you want to watch it, it's ridiculously easy to find it without having to pay... It's questionably illegal, but that's why VPN lets us all be pirates.

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