Armed with his fishing gear and a camp stove, this guy caught, cooked, and ate his own dinner on the banks of Medicine Creek. It's entertaining to watch, especially when you manages to catch a hook in himself while trying to successfully land a vibrant yellow golden trout.

Really, this video is just a great reminder of how much there is to do year round in SWOK. So the next time you start complaining that "there's nothing to do in this town," grab a pole and go experience nature. Take a pan and some oil, build yourself a fire in the allowed area, and cook yourself up a story you'll tell for the rest of your life. Believe me, fishing alone is like yoga. It's calming, gives you time to reflect, and you still get to kill something. Or not if you choose. I'm a catch-and-release man myself. Given the potential for heavy metals in the lakes around Fort Sill, I'll just keep ordering fish from the bayou.

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