Odds are, if you're buying locks in the hardware store, you're not buying security. Really, you're buying peace of mind. Bold packaging and solid looking locks tend to make you feel that they will secure your stuff, but as it turns out, not at all. Luckily, there are dedicated guides to such stuff online, in this case, a true gem of a YouTube channel dubbed Lock Picking Lawyer.

He really goes all out in presenting the design flaws in the worlds most popular security devices. He's exposed safes, gun locks, padlocks, smart locks, bike locks, etc... and they're all pretty terrible in the price range you want to be. Some criticize channels like this for showing others how to bypass security, but as you can clearly see, there is no security in any of it.

If you need security, hit up your local locksmith. Find out what they recommend, then do your own research. They're also not above lazy security. Always remember, you're the only one looking out for your own best interest.

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