Let me tell you, we love terrible B-movies in my house. The campier they are, the better they are, especially if they hit you with a healthy dose of terribly written jokes.

Night of the Wererooster -- Terrible.
Bubba the Redneck Werewolf -- Epic.
Velocipastor -- Beyond epic.
Cocaine Bear -- Pretty OK.

When I hit play on this indie tornado film set in Wichita Falls, Texas called Supercell, I thought I was in for a Hollywood meteorological classic. I did not expect it to be the letdown it turned out to be.

The real disappointment is this movie had every element it needed to be a glorious B-movie worthy of bootleg DVDs except the comedic storyline. It was all drama.

All the same, if you have time to waste, you might enjoy it.

The Best Places to Live in Oklahoma in 2023

When it comes to living in Oklahoma, there is no shortage of opinions on where you should live. If you compare all of the different metrics--schools, cost of living, diversity, amenities, etc--you'll get a slightly different list every time... but if you compound all of them into one, you get this list. The best places to live in Oklahoma in 2023.

The Top 5 most frightening Oklahoma myths & monsters

These five frightening Oklahoma myths and monsters will keep you up at night. We're talking about pure nightmare fuel. No matter what you believe or where you live you aren't safe from these legendary fiends of absolute terror. You can find these sinister creatures in the deep woods, lakes, and even within city limits across the Sooner State. Even your home isn't safe from these monstrous beasts. If you've lived here for a while you may have heard of some, maybe even all of these mythological and supernatural monsters below.

Top 12 trashiest Oklahoma towns & sleazy cities

It's a top 12 list you don't want to be on. Unfortunately, these 12 towns and cities have been selected as some of the worst and by worst I mean trashiest and sleaziest in the Sooner State. These dirty dozen were selected by Google using factors like crime, violence, drug abuse, unemployment, income rates, and even the overall appearance of the town or city. It factored in things like rundown or abandoned properties and vehicles when ranking how trashy or sleazy a town or city is. You can scroll through the photo gallery below for the results.

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