When it was time for Eugene Romanovsky to sell off his beloved Suzuki Vitara beater wagon, he knew two minutes of pure CGI ecstasy was in order!

It's a prime example of late 20th century utilitarianism. It has a motor, manual gearbox, four tires that Europe considers 'off road,' and an aftermarket techy stereo something or other.

No price is given, which eludes that a very clever viral marketing campaign might fetch considerably more than this turd is worth. Like it or not, that's how the web works.

Beyond the whole 'driving with dinorsaurs' and obvious 'been in an avalanche' red flag, mileage has to bear the bad news in this vehicle. A round trip to the moon is, depending on when you leave, some half a million-ish miles. It's only an eight day trip. Add in twenty-one additional years of wear and tear, this might be a lemon.

All the same, this proves that the right marketing can do absolutely anything for any product.

If you want to see how far down the rabbit hole these two minutes have been, google his hashtag. #BuyMyVitara



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