Say it ain't so! Just when you thought things were improving and finally getting back to normal, more bad news from the pandemic surfaces. Makes you wonder "Will it ever end?" We just heard that there's a pretty good chance that there will be a serious fireworks shortage this Fourth of July. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed and even stopped production for several months and all the major manufactures are behind on orders and shipping. This means we may, or may not, have fireworks this year. Damn you COVID-19!

With the factories running behind all the stands, even outlets and warehouses that you buy fireworks at will more than likely be 30%-40% under-stocked. I'm sure we'll have to pay more for what's available and might not be able to get exactly what we're looking for. Hopefully production picks up and shipping so we can celebrate the Fourth properly. Now I know what some of you are thinking "No problem the City of Lawton and other organizations and towns will be doing firework displays."

True, but for me it's not enough to watch, I want to participate and blow stuff up myself! Not only that I'd miss that wonderful black and silver powder smell mixing with whatever is cooking on the grill. Plus if there's no chance for serious burns and life changing bodily injuries, it just not worth the time in my honest opinion.

Just when you think COVID is going away and the pandemic is near an end, we get news like this. This pandemic has literally affected every aspect of our lives and it seems nothing is untouched by this virus, even when things are getting better! So whatever your budget is this year for fireworks it wouldn't hurt to double, maybe even triple it, just to be safe. Start looking early for the stuff you want and in the quantities you'll need. Hopefully it won't get as bad as some are thinking. God help us all if this is in anyway like the current ammo shortage we're facing. if so we're all screwed! A 100 pack of Black Cats will go for $50.00

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